Thursday, February 13, 2014

Head in the Clouds Amherst passes 25,000!

Bridge Over Cushman Brook, Amherst MA
Photo by S. Vardatira
Delighted to report that as of this moment, Head in the Clouds Amherst - our small-town local blog - has been visited 25,000 times since January 2013! What's even more interesting is that, while 72% of our readers are from the U.S., a whopping 28% are from abroad. Our most frequent "abroad" visitors hail from Germany, France, Russia, U.K., China, and Malaysia. And after our main page, our other most popular blog pages are "About Us," "Weather Cooks," "Emily's House," and "Night Sky." If you haven't checked us out yet, there's no time like now. Besides, what else do you have to do on a snowy day like today?!

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  1. congratulations, love the pictures and unique amherst perspective!